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  • Select the internal diameter of the hose or pipe 1 (refer to internal diameters of hose in mm on blue background and blue diagonals).
  • Select the length of the hose or pipe 2 (hose length in meters).
  • Locate the intersection of lines a and b 3, and draw a vertical line down to the axis 4 (in the example the red dot in green circle and the green dashed line).
  • The closest vertical yellow line left of where vertical 4 (the dashed green line in the example) intersects the axis indicates the correct HOSEGUARD®  size (in inches).
  • Important! In case of a hose or pipe burst, the HOSEGUARD® will actuate at all flow rates to the right of the pertinent yellow vertical indicating the burst protector size.
  • HOUSEGUARD® sizes to the right of where the dashed green line intersects the axis are excessively large and will not shut off the flow.
  • Example: Which air fuse should be used for a 10 meter hose with an internal diameter of 8mm? Follow the dashed red 10 meter line 2 until it intersects 3 with one of the diagonals at the red dot in a green circle. Then read off the proper size from the closest yellow line to the left.
  • Result: In our example, the correct HOSEGUARD® size is 3/8".









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