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Of over one million reported work accidents in Germany in 2006 about 100,000 can be traced back to compressed air. On the one hand, this relatively high number can surely be explained by the fact that compressed air – almost like electric current – is applied in nearly every production plant and workshop.


On the other hand, experts constantly discover that many accidents could have been avoided if air systems or single components would have been state-of-the-art and some few – but all the more important – safety-related aspects would have been considered.


Besides the personal harm of injured employees considerable costs arise by neglecting the legal regulations in the matter of safety at work: € 869 million for prevention and first aid as well as costs for productions downtimes worth billions – thereof caused approx. 10% by compressed air!


The safety products from ProtectAir offered in this product line contribute to minimize those risks. At the same time they fulfil the existing industry standards and instructions for use in Germany, which are shown on the following pages and at the beginning of each product division in greater detail.


Responsibility for the employees’ safety rests with the employer! He or she is both responsible for issuing instructions for the proper use of compressed air and supplying safe machines, facilities and tools. Do not let it go to an accident – trust in safety with products from ProtectAir.





Airfuse HoseGuard® Typ: 281

water pressure regulator Typ: 239

In-Line regulator SaveAir® Typ: 231

In-Line regulator ToolReg® Typ: 232

In-Line regulator CartReg Typ: 233 

In-Line filter Typ: 221




Key to Symbols



General safety symbols. Placed on the first page of the pertinent product range, this draws attention to the safety features.



Injury Protection

The risk of personal injury is reduced by use of special materials and technical safety features of the products.



Line Burst Protection

Use of line burst protectors prevents the feared "whipping effect" and helps prevent injuries.



Compressed Air

This symbol always appears on the "Laws and Regulations" pages and underscores the meaningfulness and significance of the laws.



Eye Protection

The risk of eye injury is reduced by use of special materials and technical safety features of the products.



Setting Locker

These products prevent intentional and unintentional changes in settings, since they include a setting lock.





















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