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The air amplifier compresses air or nitrogen from a standard
pressure of 10 bar max. to the desired outlet pressure of
60 bar max. This is realised by cylinders with different ratios
- simple, safe and economical. No electrical installation is
required and there is no energy consumption once the final
pressure has been reached. Service life 3 million cycles, full
load operation 12 min max. per hour.

Media: lubricated, unlubricated and 50 µm filtered compressed air or nitrogen
Mounting position: any

Power device:
Cylinder with integrated reversing valve, check valve and silencer.
The pressure will be increased selective to the consumer. No energy
consumption once final pressure is attained.

Drive pressure PA: system air to drive the air amplifier, 2…10 bar
Supply pressure P1: max. 12 bar, for instance nitrogen or compressed air
Outlet pressure P2: amplified outlet or operating pressure of 20 bar to 100 bar maximum

Continuous operation:
20% of the diagram values should maximally be realised at permanent running

Temperature range: 0 °C to 60 °C / 32 °F to 140 °F

Sound level: max. 79 dB (A)

Body: aluminium
Seals: NBR/Buna-N

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part numberconnection threadconnectionsupply pressure max. [bar]outlet pressure [bar]flow rate air [Nl/min]transmission ratioPrice
AM20-0580 G3/8G3/812205801:21018,50 €
AM20-0960 G1/2G1/212209601:21736,70 €
AM20-1200 G3/4G3/4122012001:22745,80 €
AM32-0230 G1/2G1/212322301:31939,40 €
AM40-0050 G3/8G3/81240501:4722,40 €
AM60-0360 G3/8G3/812603601:52693,30 €
AM100-0250 G1/4G1/4121002801:102883,30 €


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