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Air supply is immediately shut off when volume flow exceeds a
specific value. The maximum admissible flow is factory-set in
such a way that a standard application of pneumatic equipment
is ensured. Pressure drop amounts to 0.05 to 0.3 bar. In the
case of failure, the hose rupture valve blows off through a small
nozzle. After repairing the hose break, the hose rupture valve can
be set to zero again.

EN ISO 4414-11.2010: According to EN ISO 4414-11.2010 the hose
rupture valve protects individuals, systems and machines from injuries
or damages caused by lashing hose lines in the event of hose breaks.

Function: The air passes the piston and continues through the seat.
The air stream is slowed down by means of lengthwise grooves on the
piston surface. When the volume flow is too high, the air cannot pass
the piston quickly enough, thus the piston will be pressed against the
spring. If the maximum admissible flow is exceeded, e.g. when the hose
suddenly breaks, the air supply will automatically be shut off.

Supply pressure: max. 18 bar

Temperature range:
-20 °C to 80 °C / -4 °F to 176 °F at G1/4 to G1/2,
up to 120 °C / 248 °F at G3/4 to G2

Body: aluminium, optionally stainless steel
Elastomer: NBR/Buna-N
Inner valve: aluminium and plastic
part numberconnection threadconnectionflow rate air [Nl/min]operating pressure max. [bar]Price
281A0211 G1/4G1/47601831,80 €
281A0221 G1/4G1/47601832,60 €
281ZL0211 G1/4G1/4521833,20 €
281ZL0221 G1/4G1/4521834,30 €
281ZH0211 G1/4G1/49901839,50 €
281ZH0221 G1/4G1/49901841,00 €
281A0311 G3/8G3/810801842,00 €
281A0321 G3/8G3/810801843,20 €
281ZH0311 G3/8G3/814501852,50 €
281ZH0321 G3/8G3/814501852,80 €
281A0411 G1/2G1/230201849,40 €
281A0421 G1/2G1/230201851,00 €
281ZH0411 G1/2G1/234401861,90 €
281ZH0421 G1/2G1/234401862,20 €
281A0511 G3/4G3/4407018107,00 €
281ZH0511 G3/4G3/4525018178,70 €
281A0611 G1G1522018202,10 €
281ZH0611 G1G1760018330,20 €
281A0911 G2G21292018900,70 €


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0 Pieces
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